Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 1)

Compiled by Amir Muhammad with illustrations by Shahril Nizam
ISBN: 9789834359607
Pages: 118 (paperback)
Printer: Academe Art & Printing Services Sdn Bhd
Layout & Typesetting: Shahril Nizam
Distributor: MPH (Malaysia & Singapore)
Price: RM30 (Malaysia) / S$18 (Singapore) / US$15 (Amazon)

First Edition: September 2007
Second Edition: September 2007
Third Edition: November 2007

A collection of over 100 illustrated quotes by the species known as the Malaysian politician from the past three decades. Some will make you go hmm, some will make you go gaga, and others give a pithy introduction to issues of their time. There is more to come, which is why this is only Vol 1. 

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