What Your Teacher Didn't Tell You

Subtitle: The Annexe Lectures (Vol. 1)
Author: Farish. A Noor
ISBN: 9789834484538
Pages: 288
Layout & Cover: Liza Manshoor (Eclectic Design)
Distributor: Horizon
Price: RM40 (Malaysia)/ S$26/ US$30 (Amazon)

First Edition: December 2009
Second Edition: December 2009
Third Edition: January 2010
Fourth Edition: April 2010

Farish A. Noor might just be Malaysia's hippest intellectual. His gifts are on full display in these expanded versions of public lectures that he delivered at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Kuala Lumpur in 2008 and 2009. Find out how 'racial difference' became such a big deal in Malaysia, and contrast this against the way our distant ancestors lived. Discover the hidden stories of the keris, Hang Tuah and PAS. There's also quite a bit of sex. Erudite, impassioned and sometimes plain naughty, What Your Teacher Didn't Tell You is a stimulating plunge into aspects of our past that have been kept from us. There's even a bonus chapter! Illustrated with dozens of sepia-toned photographs, many from the author's collection of antiques. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

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