The Malaysian Book of the Undead

Compiled by Danny Lim with illustrations by Mohd Kadir
ISBN: 9789834359645
Pages: 115
Printer: Academe Art & Printing Services
Layout & Typesetting: Kris Khaira
Distributor: MPH (Malaysia & Singapore)
Price: RM20 (Malaysia) / US$15 (Amazon)

First Edition: October 2008
Second Edition: November 2008

A light-hearted compendium of Malaysia's multicultural ghosts, spirits and emanations. Discover their origins, characteristics, and, whenever possible, how to make sure they stay away from you. Among those featured are the Hantu Kopek, Toyol, Pontianak, Datuk Gong, Mohini Pisasu and dozens more. This chatty and occasionally ironic guide is sure to come in handy each time you hear something go bump, or even kak-kak-kak-kak-kak , in the night.